Weddings & Joyous Occasions

“Thank you all so very much for the beautiful music during our ceremony and reception. Every song seemed to fill the day with joy and the sense of tradition and celebration that we wanted. You were so easy to work with and delivered beyond what we could have asked for. Thank you for such a special gift.”

“It was absolutely perfect! The range of music you played was right on, and you always seemed to know what would fit from one moment to the next.”

“We and everyone else LOVED the music . . . Thank you so much for making our wedding special and so meaningful to us.”

“Thanks to all of you for making the wedding such a blast. Our New York family was blown away that such music could be found in Knoxville. We know the touching impact you had on the ceremony and party. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Thank you so much for the amazing music at our ceremony! We could not have imagined a more beautiful and personal accompaniment at our wedding, it was absolutely perfect.”

“We don’t want to do the wedding without you.”

“You guys MADE our wedding.”

“Thank you for the priceless contribution you made to our wedding. We are very grateful for the delicate processional and recessional music, for the lively jazz, and for the truly energizing klezmer songs to close out the celebration. But the most significant contribution was the time, care, and thoughtfulness you devoted to the fundamental notion of our wedding. Your commitment inspired us to think more deeply about the meaning of the event. We were rewarded with an extraordinarily joyous day, and we’re thankful for your presence at the core of it.”