(Almost) All Grown Up

Our third CD, and finally, a voice.  In fact, two.  The band knew that it was only a matter of time until Rachel’s voice matured so that we would need to broaden our repertoire and include vocals.  What we didn’t know was that Joe Christian could play trombone and sing (almost at the same time) and that he could do so in English, Yiddish, or Hebrew.

Not Your Father’s Klezmer Band

Connecting old world with new, the band delivers plenty of familiar klezmer and Jewish repertoire, but in complex arrangements that invite repeated listening.  The band also unveils what our audiences delight in at concerts—klezmerizing classic music by making it “Jewish” or by placing seemingly incongruous melodies (one Jewish, one not) in counterpoint with each other.

Dance For Your Life

Fast, Faster, Fastest.  Yes, music to dance by—just try to keep up—but slower pieces too.  Yiddish, Israeli, and American repertoire all find a place here as the band shows how even familiar melodies sound different when paired with interesting counter-melodies, and how much variety you can have when you throw in a second trombone.