Band Members

Ken Brown

Clarinet & Shofar

Susan Shorr Brown

piano & arrangements

Rachel Brown


John Walton

Alto & Tenor Trombones

Joe Christian

Tenor Trombone & Vocals

Sean Copeland

Bass Trombone

Wes Lunsford

mandolin & guitar

Dave Peeples


Steve Brown


They may not be members of the band, but . . . One of the unexpected benefits of starting a band with family is that you get to meet and collaborate with the students and teachers that your kids are learning from.  Not to mention infecting classically-trained musicians with the joy of playing this traditional music.  It has been enormously gratifying to introduce klezmer to the likes of Jeremy Wilson, who was a member of Dor L’Dor (and can be heard on our 1st CD, Dance For Your Life) before he became a Trombonist with the Vienna Philharmonic and is now Associate Professor of Trombone at Vanderbilt University; Fritz Kaenzig (Professor Emeritus of Music at the University of Michigan); Carol Jantsch (Principal Tuba with the Philadelphia Orchestra); David Jackson (Professor of Trombone at the University of Michigan); Moises Paiewonsky (former Associate Professor of Music at the University of Arizona); Steve Peterson (Principal Trombone with the Fort Worth Symphony; T. J. Ricer (Principal Tuba with the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra); Keith McClelland (former Principal Bassoon with the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra); Jim Lotz (Professor of Bassoon at Tennessee Tech University); and Jamie Warren, who was formerly a member of Dor L’Dor (and can be heard on our 2nd CD, Not Your Father’s Klezmer Band) before he became the Director of Jazz Studies and Trombone at Brevard College.